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Join Free, Best Dating Site to Meet People Online Privately and Safely, Private Intimate Message Exchanges, Secure Server with Photo Encryption. Have a Romantic Interaction with Someone Online on Dating Weed. Private Account on Dating Weed, Photos, Videos, Voice Messages, Little I love You's and Favorite Song Clips. Send and Receive Free Likes, Share Photos, Videos, Voice and More. Private Video to Video Dating Messenger, Flirt in Video on DatingWeed.Com : See Members in Video Before You Meet.

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Search and Match Online Dating Service is ONLY Provided in the Following Countries and Locations. If You Do Not Reside in One of These Countries or Locations You are Unable to Use Datingweed.Com Search and Match Only Works in the Following Countries and Locations: Alaska Argentina Belize California Cambodia Canada Catalonia Colorado Columbia Costa Rica Czech Republic Ecuador Jamaica Maine Massachusetts Mexico Michigan Peru Portland Uruguay Netherlands Nevada Oregon Portugal Russia Spain South Africa Switzerland Vermont Washington DC * Online Dating with Like Minded Singles for Love, Friends and Relationships.

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Notice/Warning: Solicitation of Any Goods, Items or Apparel on Any Sort is Prohibited on This Website, Mobile App and Platform. Report Any Misconduct to the Help Desk for Account Deletion, Reporting and Investigation. Do Not Abuse or Misuse this Platform. Any Information Can and Will be Provided to Local and or International Authorities on Request. Datingweed.Com Intention is to Provide Online Dating Services to Cannabis Users in Legally Compliant Countries and Locations Where Home, Personal, Recreational Use is Legalized and in Compliance with Local and International Laws, The Community on Datingweed.Com is Intended to Be a Free, Safe, Peace Loving and Legal Community Operating with Respect and Decency for Local and International Laws and Peoples. Should You Require Assistance to Ensure Compliance Please Contact the Help Desk Datingweed.Com is Most Happy to Comply, Be Compliant and Operate Sustainably with Due Dilligence and Co-Operation to Ensure a Good Service and Community on Datingweed.Com with No Hassles and No Troubles. Datingweed.Com Also Asks that You Respect the Legal Community in their Legalized Countries and Locations to Operate and Be Safe and Free Including Personal Will, Rights and Being. You Will Only See Countries and Locations on Datingweed.Com that are Home, Personal, Recreational Use Legalized Countries and Locations for Search and Match. Services to Search and Match Members are Not Listed at All on Datingweed.Com if You Do Not Reside in a Legalized Country or Location. Safety Features Including Only Providing Search and Match Features to Countries and Locations that Have Legalized Home Use and or Personal Use and or Decriminalized Personal Home Use are Available for Service on Datingweed.Com If You are a Cannabis User in a Legalized Location for Home Use You are Able to Connect Online with Another User in Your Legalized Location or Another Legalized Location to Explore Romantic Relationships with Each Other Online on Datingweed.Com Should Your Country or Location Change it's Laws Please Contact the Help Desk to Request Adding of Datingweed.Com to Your Legalized Country or Location and Also Report if Your Country or Location Changes it's Laws for Removal of Service to Your Country or Location. Datingweed.Com Operates with Respect and Appreciation for Countries and Locations that Have Not Legalized. Countries and Locations in this Category are Not Listed or Included for Search and Match on Datingweed.Com Only Countries and Locations that are Legalized for Home Personal Use are Included on Datingweed.Com for Search and Match Online Dating Services. In the Same Manner Respect this Community and Platform that Resides in Legalized Countries and Locations including Respect Common Decency and Abiding by Local and International Laws. The Community on Datingweed.Com is intended for Peace Loving Friends, People, to Meet Like Minded Singles for Online Dating and Exploring Romantic Relationships with Birds of a Feather, Datingweed.Com has However Taken an Extra Step to Support Sustainability and Compliance by Deliberately Not Providing Online Dating Services, Search and Match to Any Country or Location that Has Not Legalized for Home or Personal Use. You Can Only Search and Match Countries and Locations that Have Legalized Cannabis for Home or Personal Use on Datingweed.Com, Only Legalized Countries and Locations are Available in the Lists for Search and Match on Datingweed.Com. The Secure and Encrypted Messaging of Photos, Videos, Voice and Media Including Words that are Typed, are Available to Protect Members Privacy. It is Very Much Encouraged that You Use the Video Messenger on Datingweed.Com to Get to Know New People Very Well on Datingweed.Com before Agreeing to Exchange Personal Contact Details. Datingweed.Com Asks Members to Be Compliant and Report Any Misconduct, Have Appreciation for Service and Conduct Yourself in Compliance with Local and International Laws. All Members Conduct and Interaction on this Platform is a Representation of a Member Themselves. As a Member You Exclude and Remove Datingweed.Com from All and Any Liability Whatsoever Entirely and in Full take Responsibilty for Yourself on the Datingweed.Com Platform, Website, Mobile App or Any Part of Technology Provisioning Provided to Deliver the Service to You. You Use Datingweed.Com Entirely at Your Own Risk and Take Full Responsibilty for Yourself on and off Datingweed.Com You Agree by Signing Up Entirely to Datingweed.Com Terms and Conditions of Use and being a Member. Use the Block Feature to Block Unwanted Profiles from Messaging You and Report Any Misconduct to the Help Desk to Send the Bouncer. Enjoy the Service, it is Amazing, Welcome to Datingweed.Com * Connect from Home on Your Computer, Tablet, Mobile with Like Minded Singles in Legalized Locations to Share Photos, Videos, Voice and Media Messaging to Explore Online Dating and Romantic Relationships on Datingweed.Com